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Sustainable Practice Consultation for businesses or organizations seeking to provide more sustainable spaces and ease their transition away from single use items - whether you facilitate a public space or a workplace: we are here to help you create an infrastructure where the sustainable choice is the easiest choice!

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Private Sustainable Life Coaching for individuals or households who want to transition to more sustainable lives - whether you're just getting started, looking to expand your knowledge, or you need help valuing your successes and learning how to share them: The Sustainable Fox is here to support you as long as your journey needs us!

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Sustainable Event Consulting for individuals or organizations planning any type/scale of event where they seek to actively take steps in making their event more sustainable. Potential for on site event assistance/workshops/sustainable ambassador.

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Sustainable Group Workshops for workplace or community settings, designed to: engage/problem solve as a group, exercise our sustainable lens, gain tools to immediately use in life, and communicate effectively about sustainability. Three levels of workshop currently available.

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